Episode 47 - Singer/Songwriter Bill Crosby 

Ep 47 - Singer/Songwriter Bill Crosby

MJ and Bill chat about their 25 year + friendship, Bill auditioning to play at The Bluebird in Nashville, how he got started writing and performing Children's music and the pitfalls…

Episode 45 - Brandi Sidoryk & Katie Rox of Nice Horse 


Ep 45 - Katie Rox & Brandi Sidoryk of Nice Horse

MJ talks with Brandi and Katie about everything from their beginnings at a songwriting retreat in Hawaii to working with legendary producer Bob Rock, hanging…

Episode 44 - Drummer/Producer Luke DeJaynes (Jameson Rodgers) 

Ep 44 - Drummer/Producer Luke DeJaynes (Jameson Rodgers)

MJ and Luke chat about Luke's beginnings, his experiences on the "Beer Never Broke My Heart" Tour with Jameson Rodgers, LANCO, and Luke Combs so far, fish tacos, finding balance…

Episode 40 - Guitarist Adam Flöhmeyer (Jameson Rodgers, Eastland) 

EP 40 - Guitarist Adam Flöhmeyer (Jameson Rodgers, Eastland)

MJ and Adam discuss their time touring and playing together, Jameson Rodgers, Veganism, the band Eastland and Texas... "The Best Goddamn Country In The World". Includes another installment of…

Episode 38 - We're Back! - 2018 Year-End Mini-sode! 

Episode 38 - We're Back! 2018 Year-End Mini-Sode


Turn It On is back! Michael J talks about his podcast hiatus of the last year, discusses the future of the show, gives another installment of "Stories From The…

Episode 37 - Via Maris 

Ep 37 - Via Maris

Michael J gives the latest installment of "Stories From The Road' and plays his 2016 release Via Maris and tells the stories behind the songs and the making of the record. 

Episode 36 - A Farewell To Tom Petty 

Ep 36 - A Farewell To Tom Petty

MJ and Mark Camire talk about the recent tragedy in Las Vegas, gun control, the death of Tom Petty, and the perils of dating in the modern world among other…